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    The Patented Worldwide Advertising Phenomenon! Now energizing marketing to golfers in the UK! A unique advertising opportunity. The bottom of the hole is a particularly original and strategic media. A simple, non-intrusive and highly cost effective advertising product.
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    Ad in the Hole is a tried and trusted source of advertising, used by many top companies to put forward their brand to golfers... Read More
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Revenue for Golf clubs


The ad-disc is a patented, 4 colour, high quality resin protected disc that fits in a standard UK-style nylon golf hole cup. Ad In the Hole produces custom ad-discs and ships them preinstalled in cups ready to be installed on the greens with its patented turn key system.

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Ad in the Hole is for both golf courses looking to bring in untapped advertising revenue and also for businesses of any size to better appeal to  golfers. 

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